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New Habs mural by Eric Clement

January 28, 2015

The worlds of sports and art rarely collide. Our exhibition “Gol, Carajo,” proved differently, demonstrating that art and soccer can fuse beautifully in the intricate, playful work of Ricardo Cavolo. The unexpected melange of sports and art has appeared again in another Station 16 Gallery artist, Eric Clement, who recently created a mural for the Canadiens. Organized through our partner, LNDMRK, the project highlights the illustrative, comic book style of Clement while centering around the theme of hockey. Eric Clement, who recently relocated from Montreal to Toronto, works in a graphic style that deconstructs objects into detail shots and close-ups. Clement’s final work features fragments of larger images, which he has reassembled into a painted collage. The disjointed images overlap... Continue Reading →

A DEAD FLY ON THE WINDSHIELD OF TIME: Part I of "What is an Artist?"

January 23, 2015

In early January, I settled down with Sarah Thornton’s new book 33 Artists in 3 Acts in which she poses what appears to be the simplest of questions: What is an artist? Within the first few pages, Thornton is already dismayed to have people reply: “An artist is someone who makes art.”   I scoffed. My answer would be so much more profound, detailed and smart! Clearly, an artist is… blank. What is an artist? Over dinner, my husband, who is not involved in the art world, answered promptly: “Emily, it’s simple. An artist is a creator.” Really? This seemed too all-encompassing for my taste. One can create with no intent towards art. No, it wasn’t simple at all.  ... Continue Reading →

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