Artist Preview: Yazan Halwani

June 18, 2015

An upcoming artist in our line-up for A Global Street Art Story, Yazan Halwani is one of the youngest and most notable street artists to come from Lebanon. Blending Arabic calligraphy, geometric patterns, and portraiture, Halwani uses urban landscapes to tell stories of his people and culture. Halwani recently completed a mural in Beirut as a tribute to the legendary Lebanese singer Sabah. An iconic figure in the country's history, Sabah shattered societal norms and expectations. Inspired by her willingness to break taboos, Halwani created the mural in the "Heart of Hamra," a neighborhood that thrived with creativity and culture prior to the Civil War. Following the war, Hamra was not able to return to the artistic center that it... Continue Reading →

A Global Street Art Story: ARGENTINA

June 17, 2015

Mural by Jaz in Istanbul, Turkey (2013) Representing Argentina in A Global Street Art Story is Franco Fasoli aka Jaz. One of the best known street artists to come from Argentina, Jaz began painting in the streets of Buenos Aires in the late 1990s. Jaz’s artwork has evolved over time by experimenting with a variety of techniques and mediums, including aerosol, acrylic, tar, gasoline, latex paint, and paper collage. Today, his work highlights anamorphic figures that are often in scenes of combat. Although capturing a single moment of battle, the muscular hybrids appear in constant motion, creating a dynamic and captivating image. Through his scenes of confrontation, conflict and duality are central themes to his work. In an interview with... Continue Reading →

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