December 19, 2014

La Chambre Design

When exploring some of Montreal's best bars and restaurants, you have probably come across the work of interior designer, Amlyne Phillips, founder of La Chambre Design.  Her classic style, found in Apt200, Suwu, L'Gros Luxe, the newly opened Jatoba as well as others, is a fusion of charming antiques with modern trends that creates an ambiance that is as cozy as it is hip. Not to mention, she often incorporate the work of Station 16 Gallery, contributing an eclectic edge into her designs.   




Phillips' interest in interior aesthetics began around age 5. With her father as a cabinet maker, she learned about design and furniture early. La Chambre Design officially started in spring 2013 and has quickly been making its mark in the design scene of Montreal. Finding inspiration wherever she goes, Phillips' friends joke that she "breathes design," although she admits that is it kind of true. "For any building or city that I visit, I cannot help but analyse how everything was made, as well as the thought process behind the design. Basically anything with character or history inspires me," described Phillips. 





A strong belief in recycling drives the designs of Phillips - "even as a kid I would make my doll houses out of plastic and cardboard from the recycling bin."  As much as possible, the woods, metals, furnitures, and accessories of the spaces generate from recycled materials. This tendency parallels the general aesthetics of her designs, as the theme of old-meets-new prevails. Within this concept of design, urban art aligns perfectly. "Urban art has this unique and raw art form that fits well with the hip and cool restaurant and bars. It's youthful and creative. It doesn't follow any rules, and most of the time, it is created to shock you. So, no wonder it makes the perfect conversation piece in any home or commercial space."



With three upcoming projects, we are excited to see what other stunning contributions La Chambre Design will bring to the restaurant/bar scene of Montreal. With the seamless integration of urban art into interior design, stayed tuned for more inspiration on how to bring the street indoors!  



L'Gros Luxe

December 16, 2014

New releases from Scaner

Station 16 Gallery is excited to launch Black Crown and Red Crownour latest prints by Scaner. The limited-edition, silkscreen prints are available in two colours and feature Scaner's classic graffiti influences along with the a deconstructed logo of Montreal. A perfectly symbolic image of the city's urban art scene, the print has launched just in time for the holiday season! 


Black Crown by Scaner

Red Crown by Scaner


With one of the most recognizable tags in Montreal, Scaner has been active in the city's street art scene since the late 1990s. In addition to his trademark tag "his inimitable," Scaner's murals are numerous and hard to miss. Furthermore, Scaner is a part of the DA crew, as well as several others collectives, including KG, VC, JKR, TFB, TFO, and 156. Through a colourful and typography-based approach that is congruent with classic, old-school graffiti, Scaner is a key component of Montreal's urban arts. 


Bushwick, Brooklyn

Miami, 2014

Montréal, 2014

Montréal, 2014



Montréal, 2014

 Montréal, 2014

December 01, 2014

A Global Street Art Story: Australia

Pour la dernière édition de notre projet A Global Street Art Story, nous sommes heureux d'annoncer que Rone représente l’Australie. Bien connu pour ses portraits de femmes, en particulier l'image récurrente de Jane Doe, Rone a conçu une sérigraphie pour la Galerie Station 16 qui s’aligne parfaitement avec son style classique. Comme on le voit à travers son travail, les représentations viscérales de Rone, toujours coupées pour que l’on ne voit que le visage, mettent en scène le regard intense et perçant d'une femme, qui a la capacité de captiver et d'hanter le spectateur.



Vivant et travaillant à Melbourne, le travail de Rone est devenu un élément essentiel du paysage de la ville. En plus d'être l'un des street artists les plus célèbres en Australie, il travaille et expose de plus en plus à l’échelle internationale. Rone a commencé sa carrière en décorant des planches à roulettes et des parcs de skate, avant la formation du collectif Everfresh, groupe qui témoigne de sa transition vers graffiti et le street art. Pendant plus d'une décennie, Rone a peint des visages de femmes dans les ruelles de Melbourne, ainsi que des peintures murales à travers le monde, dans des villes telles que Berlin, Londres, Montréal, Miami, San Francisco, Penang et plus encore.


Mural par Rone à Austin, USA; photo par Rone


Les murales de Rone produisent un fort effet de juxtaposition. Ses personnages féminins comportent naturellement un calme et une beauté séduisante – ce qui contraste fortement avec les murs rugueux et parfois décrépits qu'ils ornent. De plus, leur élégance gracieuse et sensuelle s’oppose au chaos et à l'agitation du milieu urbain dans lequel ils existent. Tandis que les femmes et les murs qu’elles habitent respirent la perfection dans le présent, les deux seront progressivement désintégrés en raison de la nature éphémère inhérente au street art, ainsi qu’à cause de la temporalité précise qu’évoquent la jeunesse et la beauté.


Bien que ces thèmes de la jeunesse et de la beauté soient présents dans le travail de Rone, ils existent aussi à un niveau purement esthétique, donnant de la vie et de la beauté aux quartiers dans lesquels ses murales sont créées. La Galerie Station 16 est très heureuse de lancer cette jolie sérigraphie. Il s’agit d’une œuvre renfermant huit couleurs et qui présente le portrait d’une femme glamour, d'inspiration vintage. La sérigraphie est une édition limitée. Découvrez-la ici!




For the latest edition of our project, A Global Street Art Story, we are excited to announce that Rone is representing Australia. Well-known for his female portraits, particularly the recurring image of “Jane Doe,” Rone has designed a print for Station 16 Gallery that perfectly aligns with his classic style. As seen in his street art and his fine art, Rone’s visceral depictions, consistently cropped to just the face, highlight an intense and piercing gaze of a woman, which has the ability to captivate and haunt the viewer.


Living and working in Melbourne, Rone’s work has become a staple of the city’s landscape, and in addition to being one of the most well-known street artist in Australia, he is increasingly working and exhibiting on an international level. Rone began his career by decorating skateboards and skate parks prior to forming the crew Everfresh and transitioning towards graffiti and street art. For more than a decade, Rone has been painting women’s faces in the alleyways of Melbourne, as well as large-scale murals across the globe, such as Berlin, London, Montreal, Miami, San Francisco, Penang, and more.


Mural by Rone in Penang; photo by Rone

The murals of Rone produce a strong juxtaposition. His female personas innately carry a calm and alluring beauty - one that starkly contrasts with rough, sometimes decrepit, walls that they adorn. Furthermore, their graceful and sensual elegance opposes the chaos and turmoil of the urban setting in which they exist. While the women and their painted-upon walls exude perfection in the present, both will gradually fade and decay due to the ephemeral nature of street art, as well as the temporality of youth and beauty.

Mural by Rone in London; photo by Rone 

Although such themes are present in Rone’s work, they also exist on a purely aesthetic level, giving life and beauty to the neighborhoods in which they are created.  Station 16 Gallery is incredibly excited to launch this new, beautiful print. The resulting creation is an 8-colour, limited-edition silkscreen print, depicting a glamorous, vintage-inspired portrait of an unnamed woman. Check it out here!

November 26, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Vous cherchez un cadeau unique cette saison? La Galerie Station 16 a ce qu'il vous faut! Nous vous offrons des idées pour le bas de Noël de moins de 50$ ainsi que des sérigraphies en éditions limitées, et des originaux sur toile et bois. La Galerie Station 16 a le cadeau parfait pour toutes les personnes sur votre liste!



Looking for a unique gift this holiday season? Station 16 Gallery has got you covered! From stocking stuffers under 50$ to limited edition prints and one-of-a-kind originals, Station 16 Gallery has the perfect selection for anyone on your list! 

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November 19, 2014

Intrusion dans l’univers de Banksy à travers l’ouvrage: You are an acceptable level of threat



Banksy est une figure incontournable du street art mondial. Son nom est sur toutes les lèvres depuis des années, et celui-ci n’en finit plus de faire parler avec son travail controversé. L’ouvrage Banksy – You are an acceptable level of threat lève le voile sur la démarche globale de cet artiste ainsi que sur les thèmes qu’il aborde de façon récurrente.


Banksy is a key figure in the street art world. His name has been on the tip of everyone's tongues for years, never ceasing to discuss his controversial work. The book Banksy – You are an acceptable level of threat lifts the veil on the artist's global approach as well as his reoccurring themes.

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November 18, 2014

Montréal Goes to Miami Art Basel


Depuis maintenant 4 ans, Montréal se démarque sur l’échiquier international, comme étant une des destinations majeures de l’art de rue. Cette reconnaissance est grandement due à nos artistes locaux et aux différents organismes oeuvrant à promouvoir la scène montréalaise.

Du 1 au 7 décembre prochain, une délégation québécoise composée d’artistes, galeries et organismes sera présente lors de la foire internationale d’art contemportain à Miami, le Art Basel/Wynwood Walls.


For the last 4 years, Montreal stood out on the international scene as one of the main destination and a go-to place when it comes to street art. This acknowledgement is mainly due to our local artists and the various organizations working hard to promote the Montreal scene.

Next December, from 1st to 7th, a delegation of artists, galleries, and organizations from Quebec will be present at the international art fair held in Miami at Art Basel/Wynwood Walls.

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November 04, 2014

Outdoor Gallery - Book Signing at Station 16 Gallery

Growing up in New York City during the ‘80s, what one would now refer to as “old-school graffiti” surrounded Yoav Litvin. Several years ago, following a sports injury that disallowed Litvin from any physical activity other than walking, he began exploring the city by foot for miles upon miles while simultaneously discovering the urban arts of the city. Litvin found himself overwhelmed by the progression of graffiti culture into the contemporary trend of street art currently flourishing New York City, which led to an avid following of the movement. As a photographer, Litvin naturally documented the city streets through his camera, resulting in visual recording of the city’s landscape, as well as the idea to create Outdoor Gallery.
Yoav Litvin a grandi à New York dans les années 80, entouré de ce que l’on pourrait qualifier d’« old-school graffiti ». Il y a plusieurs années, suite à une blessure sportive qui a empêché Litvin de pratiquer presque toute activité physique, il a commencé à explorer la ville à pied, pouce par pouce, tout en découvrant simultanément l’art urbain de la ville. En tant que photographe, Litvin a tout naturellement commencé à documenter les rues de la ville à travers son appareil photo, amassant ainsi de la documentation visuelle du paysage de la ville, d’où a germé en lui l'idée de créer Outdoor Gallery.
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October 31, 2014

A Global Street Art Story: Poland


For the latest edition of A Global Street Art Story, Station 16 Gallery is excited to announce that Olek is representing Poland.  The 6-colour silkscreen print with 3D puff ink and crystalline  is the first print for the crochet artist. The extent of Olek’s crocheting abilities is nearly infinitesimal, transforming everything from cars, billboards, everyday objects, public sculptures, trains, and even people into her crocheted masterpieces. Always daring, her work is consistently witty and whimsical, often exuding political and social undertones.


Pour la dernière édition de A Global Street Art Story, la Galerie Station 16 est heureuse d'annoncer que c’est l’artiste Olek qui représentera Pologne. La sérigraphie en six couleurs avec encre 3D et cristalline est la première réalisée par l’artiste de crochet. L’étendue des capacités en matière de crochet d’Olek est presque infinie, puisqu’il transforme tout : des voitures, des panneaux, des objets du quotidien, des sculptures publiques, des trains et même des gens à travers ses œuvres d'art. Toujours audacieux, son travail regorge d'esprit et d’éléments fantasques, sous-tendant souvent des connotations politiques et sociales.


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October 24, 2014

123 Klan: Respect & Love -LANCEMENT DE LIVRE

Le 30 octobre à 17 heures, la Galerie Station 16 vous invite au lancement de livre de 123 Klan: Respect & Love, un livre d'art qui mettant en évidence leur carrière de 20 ans. Le duo de 123 Klan sera présent pour signer des livres et répondre à vos questions! De plus, de nouvelles toiles de 123 Klan seront exposées. Nous sommes heureux d'offrir Respect & Love dans la Galerie, ainsi qu'en ligne à N'hésitez pas à confirmer votre présence à ou par téléphone au 514.849.8016.

Pré-commandez votre livre et faites en la cueillette en galerlie ici!


On October 30th at 5pm, Station 16 Gallery is pleased to invite you to a book signing event of 123 Klan: Respect & Love, an art book highlighting their 20 year career. The husband and wide duo of 123 Klan will be present to sign books and answer your questsions! Additionally, news canvases from 123 Klan will be on display. We are excited to now offer Respect & Love in the gallery and online at 

Pre-order your book and pick-up in the gallery here!

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October 22, 2014

Gol, Carajo!


La Galerie Station 16 est fière de présenter “Gol, Carajo!”, une exposition solo de Ricardo Cavolo. L’exposition présente une douzaine de nouvelles oeuvres par Cavolo, mettant en vedette le thème du soccer. Ce n’est pas la première visite de Cavolo à Montréal; il a participé au Festival MURAL en 2013. L’artiste espagnol, qui est maintenant basé à Brighton, Royaume-Uni, présente un style artistique éclectique qui se manifeste dans de nombreux médiums. En association avec Pub Burgundy Lion, la Galerie Station 16 est heureuse de vous inviter à la première exposition solo de Cavolo à Montréal.


Station 16 Gallery is proud to present “Gol, Carajo!”, a solo show featuring Ricardo Cavolo. The exhibition consists of all new, original works by Cavolo that focus on the theme of soccer. This is not Cavolo’s first visit to Montréal, as he participated in the 2013 edition of MURAL Festival for which he painted a mural at the Montreal airport. The Spanish artist, who is now based in Brighton, UK, presents an eclectic style that has manifested in many diverse mediums. In association with Pub Burgundy Lion, Station 16 Gallery is thrilled to invite you to Cavolo’s first solo exhibition in Montreal.

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