November 05, 2013



A new exhibit with Ricardo Cavolo, in association with Burgundy Lion Pub. Opening October 22 at Station16 Gallery. 
Une nouvelle exposition avec Ricardo Cavolo, en association avec Burgundy Lion Pub. Ouverture 22 Octobre à Galerie Station16.


07 - 28 AOÛT 2014 / AUGUST 7TH - 28TH 2014

"Le Diamantaire" is the alias of an artist of Normandy origin, but uses Paris as his canvas. Le Diamantaire seeks out his mirror pieces in the street and then cut's then into diamond shapes. His diamonds vary in sizes, and can be seen high on the age old architecture of the Paris streets.
Le "Diamantaire" est le nom d'emprunt d'un artiste d'origine normande, mais qui a pour terrain de jeu Paris. Ils cherche ses morceaux de miroirs dans la rue pour ensuite les tailler en forme de diamant. Ses diamants ont des tailles variables et peuvent être vus au sein de l'architecture historique des rues de Paris.

12 JUIN - 3 JUILLET 2014 / JUNE 12TH -JULY 3RD 2014

KASHINK is one of the few very active female artists in the French graffiti/street art scene. She lives in Paris, France, and has travelled a lot throughout the world, getting inspiration from many different cultures. She paints huge four eyed characters, with thick lines, vivid colors, in a very distinctive style.
KASHINK, une des rares femmes étant très active dans le mouvement street art/graffiti, est une personne atypique. Elle porte souvent une moustache, elle peint d'immenses personnages protéiformes aux yeux multiples, ou des têtes de mort à la mexicaine, le tout dans un style graphique très coloré, loin des références traditionnelles du graffiti féminin « girly ».

8 MAI - 14 MAI 2014 / MAY 8TH - MAY 14 2014


Originally from France, 123Klan is a graffiti posse founded by husband and wife Scien & Mrs Klor in 1992. Station16 is proud to present a collection of original paintings, prints and street wear from this duo's BANDIT-1SM clothing line. This will be 123 Klan's first solo show in Montreal. 
Fondé en 1992 par Scien & Mrs Klor, 123Klan est tout d'abord une petite troupe de graffiti d'origine française. Station16 est fière de présenter une collection d'oeuvres sur toile, de sérigraphies et de vêtements de la collection reconnue BANDIT-1SM. Cette exposition solo sera leur première à Montréal! 


24 AVRIL - 29 AVRIL 2014 / APRIL 24TH - APRIL 29TH 2014



11 AVRIL - 21 AVRIL 2014 / APRIL 11TH - APRIL 21ST 2014

Nous vous invitons à l’ouverture de 'Make me Care', une exposition solo de l'artiste collagiste Alan Ganev. L'exposition débute  le 11 avril à compter de 17h00. L’exposition se déroulera jusqu’au 21 avril, 2014. 
On APRIL 11th at 5pm, Station 16 Gallery presents the work of Alan Ganev, large-scale collage and a eulogy to a romantic moment experienced in time. The show will be up until April 21st, 2014.


20 MARS - 4 AVRIL 2014 / MARCH 20TH - APRIL 4TH 2014

Nous vous invitons à l’ouverture de ENMASSE ; FULL CIRCLE jeudi le 20 mars à compter de 18h00. L’exposition se déroulera jusqu’au 4 avril 2014. 
On March 20th at 6pm, Station 16 Gallery invites you to celebrate EN MASSE's 5th anniversary with the opening of FULL CIRCLE, presenting a new body of work including paintings, prints and sculpture.


7 MARS - 9 MARS 2014 / MARCH 7TH - 9TH 2014

STATION 16 is heading back to NYC in 2014! This will be our 3rd trip to the big apple for New York City's biggest art fair, Armoury Week! Once again Station 16 will be showing at Fountain Fair at booth C-201, located at the 69th Regiment Armoury building, where it all started. We'll be showing a variety of new works from local and international names in the street art scene. Drop by if you're in the area, and keep an eye on our social media to see everything going on that week!  

29 JANVIER - 12 FEVRIER 2014 / JANUARY 29 - FEBUARY 29 2014

La Galerie Station 16 est fière de présenter “M(omen)to Mori,” une exposition de natures mortes audacieuses, ayant comme commissaire l’artiste OMEN. Nous vous invitons au vernissage, mercredi le 29 janvier 2014, à compter de 18h00. L’exposition mettra en vedette les œuvres de Cryote, Dabs1, Enzo Sarto, Heiidi Taillefer, Iamrurik, Jason Botkin , Jeff Blackburn, Jeremy Price, Juan Carlos Noria (aka. Dixon), Kevin Ledo, Mike Maxwell, Lindsay Campbell, LNY, Omen, Over Under, Tyler Rauman et Whatisadam.
Station 16 is proud to present “M(omen)to Mori,” a daring still life exhibition curated by the artist OMEN. Please join us for the opening on January 29th starting at 6pm.“M(omen)to Mori” will feature the following artists: Cryote, Dabs1, Enzo Sarto, Heiidi Taillefer, Iamrurik, Jason Botkin , Jeff Blackburn, Jeremy Price, Juan Carlos Noria (aka. Dixon), Kevin Ledo, Mike Maxwell, Lindsay Campbell, LNY, Omen, Over Under, Tyler Rauman & Whatisadam.

Street Art Heist.

Police file a report for 50,000$ of stolen art. 

What seemed like a regular Monday morning at Station16 gallery... turned out to be the scene of a crime. Sometime between November 2nd and November 4th, Station16 gallery was broken into. The thieves made off with over 50,000$ worth of original art and prints. The stolen pieces do not appear to be random, as some were selected and removed from the wall. Along with the Montreal Police, we ask you to help us with any information regarding these stolen works of art. Stop the re-sale of stolen art.


Here is a selection of some of the works that were stolen; 





Original paintings by Antoine Tavaglione

Original paintings by Whatisadam

Original painting by ZekOne

Original painting by Scaner

Original paintings by Labrona
Original painting by Kevin Ledo

adam vieira
adam vieira



The Art bandit
The Art bandit

November 09, 2013

I took them and they look nice in my mansion.


November 06, 2013

You guys obviously have something very special that would make people want to steal… One way of looking at it. Also those missing pieces will just go up in value and the artists as well… Lots of great talent in that studio, and its only going to get better!


November 06, 2013

It sounds a bit off-set but if not this theft I’d probably never knew about your gallery. Now I’m really interested to see your art works.

Lex Talese
Lex Talese

November 06, 2013

I understand that the thieves exited through the gift shop – you know, the one that sells publicity that can’t be bought.


November 05, 2013

My eyes will be as open as humanly possible. It’s an awful thing to happen to a great gallery and even greater people.

My thoughts are with you guys and my hate and anger go out to the thief or thieves.

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