November 05, 2013

4 JUIN - 4 JUILLET 2015 / JUNE 4TH - JULY 4TH 2015 


NOTHING EXISTS! An exploration of the space between all that matters.

Nothing exists is a philosophical quandary, a statement comprised of absolute polarities, in which it’s meaning is inherently dependent on one’s perception. This composition presents us with the opportunity to think critically. Whether abstract or rational this contradiction confronts us with a perplexing challenge, testing both our beliefs and knowledge. Somewhere between something and nothing exists a space of uncertainty. This moment is immeasurable, yet more substantial than that which is tangible.  

Nothing exists, it is waiting to be defined. Questioning this requires faith and fact. The more we understand that nothing is something, we realize nothing exists. See blind. Hear silence. Feel the truth.

(Scroll down for pictures of the show, all items in green glow in the dark)

CYRCLE (CYRCLE.) is a two-man collective made up of, American artists David Leavitt (Davey Detail) and David Torres (Rabi), born out of Los Angeles, California in 2010. Their artwork focuses on life, duality, and the human condition combined with the aesthetic consideration of form, typeface, color, and balance, which is what creates their "signature" style. Their works can be seen all over the world and are in public and private collections including that of Shepard Fairey, Ari Emanuel, Sean Combs, and the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.


CYRCLE est un collectif composé des artistes américains David Leavitt (Davey Detail) et David Torres (Rabi), qui a vu le jour à Los Angeles, en Californie, en 2010. Leur travail se concentre sur la vie, la dualité et la condition humaine, le tout combiné à une considération esthétique de la forme, de la typographie, de la couleur et de l'équilibre. C'est ce qui crée leur signature. Leurs oeuvres peuvent être vues partout dans le monde et se retrouvent dans des collections publiques et privées, dont celle de Shepard Fairey, Ari Emanuel, Sean Combs et celle du MGM Grand à Las Vegas. 

NOTHING EXISTS! est la plus récente exposition de Cyrcle, prenant place à partir du 4 juin à la galerie Station 16. Cette exposition suggère une exploration de l'espace, entre autres, et propose des oeuvres sur bois, sur papier ainsi que des sculptures. 

Ce qui suit constitue une panoplie de propositions d'idées pour une éventuelle installation extérieure montrant le travail de Cyrcle à Montréal. Le sujet de cette installation viendra directement de l'exposition NOTHING EXISTS! et de son thème, et cela sera la priorité du collectif pour l'année 2015. Cette oeuvre sera un repère au sein du quartier et deviendra une destination de choix pour les touristes et les amoureux de l'art voyageant dans notre ville. 


Street Art Heist.

Police file a report for 50,000$ of stolen art. 

What seemed like a regular Monday morning at Station16 gallery... turned out to be the scene of a crime. Sometime between November 2nd and November 4th, Station16 gallery was broken into. The thieves made off with over 50,000$ worth of original art and prints. The stolen pieces do not appear to be random, as some were selected and removed from the wall. Along with the Montreal Police, we ask you to help us with any information regarding these stolen works of art. Stop the re-sale of stolen art.


Here is a selection of some of the works that were stolen; 





Original paintings by Antoine Tavaglione

Original paintings by Whatisadam

Original painting by ZekOne

Original painting by Scaner

Original paintings by Labrona
Original painting by Kevin Ledo

adam vieira
adam vieira