Beautiful Bananas - Reed Weily

Station 16 Gallery is proud to announce their upcoming show Beautiful Bananas, a solo exhibition by American artist Reed Weily. The show indulges the artist’s obsession with vintage stickers, one of the most overlooked and underappreciated elements of popular culture ephemera.
collage montreal reed weily station 16 gallery sticker art stickers | 22/08/2019

Eric Clement Solo Show: Dimestore Delights

Dimestore Delights, a solo exhibition by Canadian artist Eric Clement, explores the collector’s relationship to vintage objects. His works venerate toys, their show cards the faded plastic bags, the stained, and weathered cardboard. His realistic approach to painting these vintage items is juxtaposed with tongue and cheek social critiques and modern slang .The subtle manipulation of brand-names logos and product graphics infuse these retro packages with modern meaning. 
eric clement montreal retro urban art vintage | 17/07/2019