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Art Crush of the Week: AIKO

 Art crushes. Like people crushes but only better. That glorious moment when you're scrolling through your Instagram feed and suddenly you stumble upon an image that stops you in your tracks and you just know that it is the beginning of something beautiful. You can't get enough and you fall down the rabbit hole of hashtags and hyperlinks.

For this week's Art Crush, enjoy a look into the world of AIKO!

AIKO Bowery Wall Bunnies Bunny Dubai Walls Lady Aiko Station 16 Gallery Street Art Wynwood Walls | 13/09/2016

Progress Shots of Logan Hicks and the Bowery Wall

Logan Hicks' mural at the Bowery Wall is complete and it is stunning! TheDustyRebel was kind enough to let us share their photos with you, enjoy!

Bowery Wall Logan Hicks Murals Stencils | 23/08/2016

Logan Hicks Takes Over the Bowery Wall

Logan Hicks is working on the Bowery Wall this week, stay tuned as the mural progresses!

Bowery Wall Logan Hicks Stencil stencilled | 27/07/2016