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The Art of Million Dollar Stickers - From Collector to Exhibitor, Reed Weily

Reed Weily collects stickers. Last year, he collected over 1.5M USD$ worth.

During his near-decade working in China, Mr. Weily found joy in finding and acquiring vintage stickers. From individual pieces to warehouses full, the stickers began to accrue in volume, quality—quantity.

beautiful bananas collage denver reed weily station 16 gallery sticker art stickers vintage | 27/08/2019

MC MARQUIS: When Humour and Art Collide

It's always an exciting day at the gallery when we receive new plates by Marie-Claude Marquis! Here is a sneak preview of the pieces that will be coming in today!

Calligraphy Marie-Claude Marquis MC Marquis New Arrival Plates Station 16 Gallery Vintage | 28/07/2016