Cutty Up

Molina's world is meant to express a sense of freedom. He describes his characters as being “pretty much free of convention and normal society stuff. They do what they want all the time.”


Artist Jaime Molina, best known by the pseudonym Cutty Up, is an artist based in Denver, Colorado. Working initially with printmaking then moving into painting and, in recent years, sculpture, Jaime Molina tells tales of characters that, to varying degrees, represent his family and friends.

They also portray people in general – a loose narrative of the human condition and “all of the things that can be revealed if you were able to peal back the layers of a person.” Each of Cutty Up’s pieces have an extremely charming quality to them, whether they be small sculptures carved out of champagne corks, sad-eyes bearded men made of wood and nails for hair, or large scale murals.
Built out of anything and everything at hand, Molina’s art echoes traditional folk techniques and ideas, with a modern twist and evokes a fantasy-like yet melancholic aesthetic. Molina has created an entire world with the characters in his art moving into the realm he calls “Cuttytown.”