Joe Iurato

For more than a decade, Joe Iurato has been an active public artist who works primarily with stencils and aerosol. Falling somewhere in between simplistic and photorealistic, his multi-layer stencils offer a distinctly clean and illustrative aesthetic. While Iurato’s large scale paintings have adorned neighborhoods along the east coast for years, he’s more recently become noted for the unique placement and photography of miniature painted wood cutouts. Utilizing the outdoor environment to create site-specific installations, Iurato creates windows into a narrative formed by personal experiences. Each individual work of art highlights the potential for interaction and storytelling within public space and transforms common land/cityscapes into carefully crafted scenes. Iurato then documents each installation with a photograph. The photographs offer specific and intentional viewpoints of the artwork in relation to its surroundings, manipulating our perception of scale and dimensionality

He’s also established himself as a commercial artist, with a list of clients that include: USA Network, Adidas, Mike Tyson’s Iron Mike Productions, The New York Racing Association, Nike’s House of Hoops, ESPN, the NBA, NBC’s Sunday Night Football, Sprite, USA Network, Truth.Org, and Nickelodeon.