Kelly Grace


Kelly Grace has been exhibiting her art professionally in art fairs and galleries since 2004. Her paintings express her love of retro inspired themes and subject matter with a modern narrative.  Kelly Grace lives and works in Toronto, Canada.


Kelly Grace dedicates most of her waking hours to art making. Her work is the end result of a culmination of efforts to bring her childhood nostalgia to life. She revisits memories of her past and explores different ways to recreate them through her paintings.

Kelly Grace’s grandparents were traveling puppeteers in the local fair and carnival circuit in California during the 1950's. Her paternal grandfather was also a clown and a painter. Her mother too was an artist and a set designer. It was through this upbringing that Kelly and her four siblings were encouraged to pursue their arts education and channel their familial creative influence. Kelly went on to study Interpretive Illustration for 3 years at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario.
Although she ever pursued an Illustration career, it was at this school that she developed her style of painting with acrylics. This breakthrough came in her final year there with a project that was "phobia" themed. Given her family history with carnivals she chose "fear of clowns" despite the fact that she isn’t actually afraid of clowns. This was the beginning of the development of iconic style that she paints in today.