Last Gleaming

Last Gleaming


Acrylic paint and collage on wood. 

36 x 28 inches

Signed by artist, each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity.   

"When I was young, images and stories of superheroes were imprinted on me through comic books, television shows and movies. I played with miniature figures; re-enacted their exploits in their costumes. They were my idols. Around this same period I was exposed to Greek and Roman mythology and classical sculpture. I realized that our modern heroes are similar to classical figures.

Powerful beings help us overcome our insecurities and shortcomings through their heroic deeds (or misdeeds). We idolize, worship and fetishize them. In this series of work I am exploring the connections between modern and classical mythologies and aesthetics. My New Gods can be seen as a reaction to modern life wherein we create personas and live in a media-saturated world of varying perceptions of the same thing. We have the choice to cast ourselves as a hero, victim or villain in our personal mythology."





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