"Orange Painting #2" - Station 16 Gallery

"Orange Painting #2"


Acrylic paint on wood. 

39.75 x 33.25 inches

Signed by artist, each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity. 


"In my paintings, I take symbolism from religion, commercial pop-culture and my sub-conscious to create 'visual equations'.There is a design edge in my work combined with cartoon simplicity and street aesthetics. I would describe my work as a mash-up of graffiti, utilitarian symbolism, traditional sign-painting and skateboard art. I see my paintings as modern totems wherein I use corporate aesthetics to 'advertise' spiritual and existential themes. The exaggerated use of color and shapes is reminiscent of the toy and candy advertisements that I grew up with."

www. xrayinprogress.blogspot.ca 



"Dans mes tableaux, je prends le symbolisme de la religion, de la culture pop commerciale et mon subconscient à créer des «équations visuelles.» Il y a un design qui combine les dessins animés et les esthétiques de la rue. Je dirais que mon travail comme une combinaison de graffiti, de symbolisme utilitaire, et d'art de planche. 


www. xrayinprogress.blogspot.ca

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