Smiling Fish VI
Smiling Fish VI Smiling Fish VI

Smiling Fish VI


Original work by Pez. Signed 1 of 1

Spray paint on paper. 

26 x 20 inches. 

Signed by artist; comes with a certificate of authenticity. 


Representing Spain in our "Global Street Art Story" is the ever optimistic PEZ  (meaning "fish" in spanish). PEZ started painting in 1999 on the outskirts of Barcelona, now his murals (both legal & illegal) can be seen all over the world, with his largest concentration still in Barcelona.



PEZ représente l'Espagne dans notre projet "Global Art Story." PEZ (ce qui se traduit à poisson en espagnol) a commencé à peindre en 1999 dans la banlieue de Barcelone. Aujourd'hui  ses murales sont partout dans le monde.

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